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Welcome to Canyon RV Park

Canyon RV Park is a hidden gem nestled in Orange County. Spanning 63 acres of the 795-acre Featherly Wilderness Preserve, Canyon is ideally located along the Santa Ana River in the heart of the Santa Ana Canyon.

Our stunning natural wilderness ambiance, with abundant grass and trees, is ideal for the whole family. Experience the expansive recreational space, our seasonal pool, and children’s playgrounds. 

Do You Have a Bike?

Then don’t forget to bring your bicycles! You can explore the park or ride along the Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail right next to us. This trail stretches from the border of Orange and Riverside counties to Huntington Beach, where the Pacific Ocean awaits. 

Want to Visit Anaheim?

Then you’re in luck! We are just 20 minutes away from downtown Anaheim, where you can immerse yourself in the magic of Disneyland, attend events at the Anaheim Convention Center, and catch an Angels baseball game or Ducks hockey match. Of course, like many of our guests, you may just want to unwind and savor your time away.

Come Visit Canyon RV Park

If you’re looking for a great vacation spot, then Canyon RV Park is your spot. Contact us so you can reserve your spot today.

We can’t wait for you and your family to join us, start a tradition, and create cherished memories.

See you soon!

History of the Land

Canyon RV Park is situated on historic land with a rich background. Archaeological findings near the Santa Ana River reveal that the area was inhabited by Indians around 4,000 years ago.

The Spanish

Spanish explorers arrived in California in 1542, beginning European contact with the region. They aimed to discover a western route to the East, known as the Strait of Anian.

Jose Antonio Yorba

In 1767, Jose Antonio Yorba, a young Spanish soldier, arrived in “New Spain”. He accompanied Father Junipero Serra on his missions and presidios expeditions, traveling alongside Gaspar de Portola.

After retiring, Jose Antonio Yorba was granted 62,500 acres of land by the King of Spain as a reward for his service. He named the land Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, located south of the Santa Ana River.

The Yorba Family

Bernardo Yorba, Jose’s third son, desired to have his ranchero in the future. In 1824, he was granted 13,328 acres by the Mexican government. He named his ranchero Rancho Canon de Santa Ana, located north of the Santa Ana River.

This included what is now Yorba Linda, creating one of the largest rancheros in early California. Bernardo Yorba gained a reputation and fame throughout the state for his wealth and hospitality.

The Irvine Family

Over time, portions of the Yorba’s rancheros were sold, and eventually, the Irvine family purchased the land where Canyon RV Park is currently located. The Irvine Company utilized the land for cattle ranching, and it also served as a popular picnic spot and swimming hole for residents. 

Due to the increasing population in the area, the Irvine family had to close the land for the protection of their cattle.

Canyon RV Park River Image

County of Orange

In the late 1960s, the County of Orange developed a master plan for regional parks to meet the growing recreational needs and population of the county. County Supervisor Cye Featherly engaged in negotiations with the Irvine Company, and in 1970, Featherly Regional Park became the county’s third regional park.

St. Clair Propery Management

At present, St. Clair Property Management, a family-owned business, privately operates the park. Since July 1993, we have been honored to continue Cye Featherly’s vision and the County of Orange’s commitment to preserving, protecting, and offering a beautiful campground for guests to enjoy and share.

Canyon RV Park

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